List of College Committees 

Committee NameSerial No.Name Designation
NAAC Committee3Prof. Ashfaq HussainMember
NAAC Committee4Prof. Muqaddas KarimMember
NAAC Committee5Dr. Sohail Ahmad BhatMember
NAAC Committee1Dr. Shamim Ahmed AzadConvener
IQAC1Prof. Salim Ayaz RatherConvener
IQAC2Dr. Nahiem Un NisaMember
IQAC3Prof. Shaji KhanMember
IQAC4Prof. Rizwan Ahmed KhanMember
Career Counseling Cell1Prof. Shaji KhanConvener
Career Counseling Cell2Dr. Punam RaniMember
Career Counseling Cell3Prof. Zaheer AbbasMember
Career Counseling Cell4Prof. Ashfaq HussainMember
Career Counseling Cell5Mr. Ravleen SinghMember
Women Development Cell1Dr. Nahiem Un NisaConvener
Women Development Cell2Dr. Punam RaniMember
Women Development Cell3Prof. Fatima BiMember
Women Development Cell4Prof. Khalida PerveenMember
Women Development Cell5Mrs. Nishu SharmaMember
Women Development Cell6Prof. Zaheer AbbasMember
Purchase / Development / Advisory Committee1Prof. Salim Ayaz RatherConvener
Purchase / Development / Advisory Committee2Dr. Nahiem Un NisaMember
Purchase / Development / Advisory Committee3Dr. Arun SharmaMember
Purchase / Development / Advisory Committee4Prof. Shaji KhanMember
Purchase / Development / Advisory Committee5Prof. Rizwan Ahmed KhanMember
Purchase / Development / Advisory Committee6Prof. Mohd ShokatMember
Purchase / Development / Advisory Committee7Dr. Khalid Riaz Member
Purchase / Development / Advisory Committee8Mr. Mohd Hafiz KhanAccountant
Discipline Committee1Prof. Mohd ShokatConvener
Discipline Committee2Dr. Khalid Riaz Member
Discipline Committee3Prof. Rajesh KumarMember
Discipline Committee4Prof. Fatima BiMember
Discipline Committee5Prof. Khalida PerveenMember
Discipline Committee6Mr. Javed YousafAPTI
Library Committee1Dr. Arun SharmaConvener
Library Committee2Prof. Shaji KhanMember
Library Committee3Prof. Rizwan Ahmed KhanMember
Library Committee4Prof. Ashfaq HussainMember
Library Committee5Dr. Khalid HussainMember
Library Committee6Mr. Waqar AhmedMember
Examination / Internal Assessment Committee1Prof. Salim Ayaz RatherConvener
Examination / Internal Assessment Committee2Dr. Khalid Riaz Member
Examination / Internal Assessment Committee3Prof. Zaheer AbbasMember
Examination / Internal Assessment Committee4Dr. Punam SharmaMember
Examination / Internal Assessment Committee5Prof. Ravleen SinghMember
Cultural/ literary Committee1Prof. Rizwan Ahmed KhanConvener
Cultural/ literary Committee2Prof. Shaji KhanMember
Cultural/ literary Committee3Dr.Punam RaniMember
Cultural/ literary Committee4Prof. Fatima BiMember
Cultural/ literary Committee5Dr.Tanveer HassanMember
Magazine Committee1Prof.Shaji KhanChief Editor
Magazine Committee2Dr. Khalid HussainMember
Magazine Committee3Dr.Tanveer HassanMember
Magazine Committee4Mr.Fayaz Ahmad BhatMember
Magazine Committee5Two students will be taken in the editorial boardMember
Time Table Committee1Dr.Khalid RiazConvener
Time Table Committee2Prof. Zaheer AbbasMember
Time Table Committee3Prof. Fatima BiMember
Time Table Committee4Mr. Iqbal GulMember
Time Table Committee5Mr.Mohd ArifMember
Bus Committee1Prof. Mohd. ShokatConvener
Bus Committee2Prof. Zaheer AbbasMember
Bus Committee3Prof. Ashfaq HussainMember
Bus Committee4Mr.Mohd Hafiz KhanAccountant
Bus Committee5Mr.Mohd. ShafyatMember
Bus Committee6Mr.Mohd. ArifMember
Canteen Committee1Dr.Khalid RiazConvener
Canteen Committee2Prof.Muqaddas KarimMember
Canteen Committee3Prof. Zaheer AbbasMember
Canteen Committee4Dr.Mohd.HanifMember
Canteen Committee5Mr.Mohd. Hafiz KhanAccountant
Canteen Committee6Mr.Manzoor HussainMember
Sports Committee1Dr.Arun SharmaConvener
Sports Committee2Prof.Zaheer AbassMember
Sports Committee3Prof.Muqaddas KarimMember
Sports Committee4Prof.Ashfaq HussainMember
Sports Committee5Mr.Mudasir Ahmed LoneMember
Sports Committee6Mr.Javaid YousufAPTI
EDUSAT Committee1Prof.Rajesh KumarConvener
EDUSAT Committee2Mr.Waqar AhmadMember
EDUSAT Committee3Mr.Ravleen SinghMember
EDUSAT Committee4Mr.Mudasir Ahmed LoneMember
EDUSAT Committee5Mohd .LatiefLab.Asst.
Newsletter / Prospectus Committee1Principal Cheif Editor
Newsletter / Prospectus Committee2Prof.Shaji KhanConvener
Newsletter / Prospectus Committee3Dr.Khalid RiazMember
Newsletter / Prospectus Committee4Prof.Fayaz AhmadMember
Newsletter / Prospectus Committee5Dr.Khalid HussainMember
Protocol / Hospitality Committee1Dr.Punam RaniConvener
Protocol / Hospitality Committee2Prof.Muqaddas KarimMember
Protocol / Hospitality Committee3Prof. Fatima BiMember
Protocol / Hospitality Committee4Ms.Nishu SharmaMember
Protocol / Hospitality Committee5Prof.Khalida Parveen Member
Protocol / Hospitality Committee6Ms.Minakshi SharmaMember
Protocol / Hospitality Committee6Ms.Minakshi SharmaMember
UGC Committee1Dr.Naheem-Un-NisaMember
UGC Committee2Dr.Arun SharmaConvener
UGC Committee4Dr.Tanveer HassanMember
UGC Committee3Dr.Khalid RiazMember
UGC Committee5Dr.Suhail Ahmad BhatMember
UGC Committee6Dr.Mudassar Ahmad DassMember
NCC Advisory Committee1Prof.Muqaddas KarimConvener
NCC Advisory Committee2Prof.Zaheer AbassMember
NCC Advisory Committee3Prof.Ashfaq HussainMember
NCC Advisory Committee4Mr.Javaid YousufMember
NCC Advisory Committee5Mr.Fayaz Ahmad BhatMember
NSS Advisory Committee1Dr.Khalid RiazMember
NSS Advisory Committee2Prof.Ashfaq HussainMember
NSS Advisory Committee3Prof. Fatima BiMember
NSS Advisory Committee4Prof.Khalida Parveen Member
NSS Advisory Committee5Ms.Nishu SharmaMember
Scholarship Committee1Prof.Zaheer AbbasConvener
Scholarship Committee2Prof.Mukkadus KarimMember
Scholarship Committee3Prof.Ashfaq HussainMember
Scholarship Committee4Dr.Tanweer HassanMember
Scholarship Committee5Mr.Mohd ArifMember
Scholarship Committee6Mr.Shafqat ShabbirMember
Gardening and Floriculture Committee1Prof.Ishfaq HussainMember
Gardening and Floriculture Committee2Prof.Fatima BiMember
Gardening and Floriculture Committee3Prof.Khalida Parveen Member
Gardening and Floriculture Committee4Ms.Minakshi SharmaMember
Gardening and Floriculture Committee5Ms.Neha BhardwajMember
Financial aid Committee1Prof.Rizwan Ahmed KhanMember
Financial aid Committee2Dr.Punam RaniMember
Financial aid Committee3Prof.Khalid RiazMember
Financial aid Committee4Prof. Ishfaq Hussain Member
Financial aid Committee5Dr.Mudassar Ahmad DassMember
Science Club1Principal is Chairman.
Science Club2All HODs of Sciences Departments of the college are members of Executive Body.
Science Club3All other faculty members of Science and all science students of the college are members.
NSS Programme Officer1Prof. Saleem Ayaz Rather.
NCC Officer1Prof. Mohd Shoket.