ICT Facilities The GDC Thannamandi has maintained adequate IT facilities and infrastructure for strengthening & enriching, the teaching and learning process. It regularly updates and upgrades its IT facilities to ensure and maintain its pace with growing technology. The college is equipped with the below mentioned IT =facilities: A Separate computer lab was established in the college in the year 2005. The lab was updated time to time according to requirement of students to provide adequate IT facilities. The lab was upgraded in 2009 and 2015 with more computers, IT equipment’s and furniture. At present, Computer lab is well-furnished with 22 desktop computers, comfortable furniture, projector, smart board and internet facility. The college is also having a Digital Language lab was established in 2012 with 11 desktop computers and teacher student instruction and learner modules. The college is looking forward to upgrade the digital lab in the near future.The institution has EDUSAT classroom for student to attend the online classes and lectures. The EDU-SAT classroom was first installed in the year 2009 and updated with two way interactive facilities in 2018. The smart classroom of the college was established in 2015 with projector, UPS inverter, whiteboard, stage, podium, public addressing system and internet facility. Recently Multimedia Lectern and 04 overhead projector display facilities were installed in the college for students and faculty to enhance teaching, learning process. Each science department of the college is provided with computer and printer facility to ensure latest development in subject and curriculum. The college IT infrastructure also includes scanners, printers and Xerox facility which is available for both faculty members and students and can be used for official purposes. The college campus was made WI-FI enabled in 2017, with the JIO Network WI-FI facility. Both Faculty members and students can access Wi-Fi to gain additional information, carry out research activities, and download information knowledge about their subject and area of interest. CCTVsurveillance facility in the college was installed in 2012 and upgraded and repaired in 2018, to ensure transparency as well as safety to its faculty and students. The office and computer lab have WLAN facility. In order to provide high quality speed of network, the college has BSNL broadband connection. The college has its own power supply system (Kirloskar Generator set) to ensure uninterrupted power supply. The labs are also powered by UPS/inverter supply to ensure uninterrupted usage of computers and other facilities. College website is updated regularly and important notices concerning academics, examinations, assignments are uploaded on the website duly approved by the coordinator and the college principal. Students and staff are encouraged to use IT infrastructure in the best possible way to enhance their learning abilities.