From Principal’s Desk

  Thank Almighty Allah for providing me another opportunity to extend my hearty welcome to the new entrants, seeking admission in this college during the academic session 2022-23. I am sure their stay in this college will be very beneficial for their moral, social and academic development.

By Education we mean physical, mental, moral and social development of students & by development of an institution we mean Academic Development, Development of Curricular and Co-curlicue activities, Development of Sports and Infrastructural Development. We are marching ahead by keeping these parameters in mind.


Govt. Degree College Thannamandi was established under PM Reconstruction Plan in the year 2005. Since its inception it has not only been catering to educational needs of the far-flung and hilly region of the State of Jammu and Kashmir but has also excelled in academic and non-academic sectors. The college has achieved an appreciable status among the institutions of higher learning in the state by winning several positions in university examinations and socio-cultural events etc. In the year 2005, having only one subject combination of English, Applied Mathematics, Computer Application and Urdu, presently the college is catering knowledge  to in 22 subjects of both sciences as well as arts streams including   G. English, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Application, Geography, Botany, Zoology, Environmental Science,  Education, Economics, Arabic, Islamic Study, History, Persian, Pol. Science, Urdu, English Literature, Kashmiri, Communication Urdu, Communication English through an  excellent team  of  28 faculty members in a beautiful college campus lying on left side of Thanna- Shahdara road.  PG Urdu, Sociology, Social Work, Physical Education and Library Science at UG level have also been sanctioned by Govt. to this college and Inshaallah same will be started from next academic session 2019-20. In addition to it several skill enhancement and ability enhancement courses have already been started. In 2010, the College got affiliation with UGC under section 2(F) and 12(B). It has also been granted permanent affiliation with University of Jammu.

Keeping in view the vision of the college (wedded to quality education and high moral values), efforts are being made to produce upright and competent individuals so that they can fit themselves in the present transparent, competitive, technical, digital era of the modern world. The college has established Science Club, Literary Club and also have college magazine ‘The Flight” where students are being provided opportunities to show their hidden talent and display their creativity in addition to regular publication of college Newsletter “The Shahdara” and Admission Brochure. College has also established Women Development Cell to provide equal opportunities to female students of the college for progress. The college has also NSS and NCC units which of course help the students for their career building in addition to learning the art of selfless service to humanity and discipline. The sports department is very strong of this college with beautiful play ground and one of the biggest Gymnasium in the state. The college is approaching to fully digital. Presently college has Edusat Facility which recently upgraded and made interactive, Good Internet Connectivity, well furnished computer lab, language digital lab, smart room, CCTV cameras, Online admission system, online submission of scholarship forms etc, almost 100% online transaction system and having projector facility in four places for power point presentations. College has its fixed academic calendar and in addition to routine academic activities, the College Conducts local, regional, state level and national level symposia, seminars and workshops on different themes including scientific and moral themes.

Of course education is a triangular process (Teacher, Parents and student). God has sent about 1.24 lacs prophets and messengers on the different parts of the world for guidance of the mankind with Prophet Mohammad(SA) as the lost Prophet. Now a teacher is supposed to play an important role for reformation of the society as our society has already glorified a teacher in number of beautiful phrases. Every one regards him as the real maker of the history, maker of man, nation builder, torch bearer of progressive civilization and custodian and architect of our future.

Dear students, youth is the asset of nation. Destiny of a nation depends upon its healthy, intelligent and upright youth. In the words of Dr. A. P.J Abdul Kalam, "Courage to think different, courage to invent, courage to discover the impossible, courage to travel into an unexplored path, courage to share knowledge, courage to remove pain, courage to reach the unreached, courage to combat problems and succeed are the unique qualities of youth". Medically human brain remains very active and young up to the age of 27. During this period a young, healthy and energetic youth can do wonders. As per Gandhiji negligence of young age cannot be repaired.

The most obligatory duty of the parents is to give proper guidance, coaching and proper food to their children till they are grown up so that they may become nice, competent and self-sufficient human beings. Majority of the parents are of the opinion that their duty towards their children is putting them in very expensive institutions, making huge money for them, constructing of multi-storied buildings for their future residence and storing of more and more materials for their comforts. For this purpose they do lot of labour and consumed maximum time for earning more and more money by using both justified as well as unjustified means. As a result they could not give sufficient time to their children and consequently these children most of the time feels uncontrolled and unchecked. Under such circumstances one can easily guess what kind of character/behaviour is built in these children? Of course parents are great gift of God for their children. No shadow is better than the shadow of parents, no company is better than the company of parents, no advice is better than the advice of parents and no blessing is better than the blessing of parents. I am sure that a child who remains maximum time in company of his/her parents after school hours cannot be a spoiled child.

Let all of us (College administration, staff, students and parents) work hard to make this institution of higher learning, a centre of excellence. May Allah keeps us in all our endeavors for the same.

Thank Almighty for in time preparation of this Prospectus. I am sure it will serve as a valuable handbook for your overall awareness regarding choosing of right courses of studies as per your interests, background of the college, academic calendar, fee structure, rules & regulations of the college.

Dr. Farooq Ahmed